Never judge a book by its cover

February 28, 2012

The intention for the examination artwork for my masters research is to provide a unique opportunity for all of the participants. What will be created is a new document that allows for a very particular conversation to occur between the people involved with the past projects as well as between participants and the examiners. The participants will be directly responsible for the making of a determinable object and it is their very conversations and understanding of their own level of involvement with their respective projects, which will generate the ‘solution’.
The curious notion is that past participants have not been witness to this particular document – yet the examiners have, and through this framework the examiners establish their own particular standpoint from which to interact with the past ‘works’ – the participants.

The space will be setup as a communal workroom. There will be a table arranged, upon which will be stacked ordered, chronological piles of all the documentation collected from the three projects illustrated in this book. These articles can be collated and rearranged in any manner that the participants determine. The group can cut, rearrange, photocopy, and so on, any or all of the documentation components according to the materials and equipment available.