Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Plays the thing

All you need to do is: Visit the Oliver Cloke - The OK Collective exhibition "Play's the Thing" at Kings ARI (Level 1/171 Kings St, Melb),
Take part in the artwork by writing a very short script, donning some costumes and then filming your play,
and then..
Send your video piece to this email and it will upload directly to Oliver Cloke's YouTube Channel!You will then be in the running to win $200! RADNESS.
Videos will be judged for creativity and originality.

Alternatively - you can upload a photograph from your play to Instagram, follow @olivercloke & @ok_collective and tag #playsthething and @olivercloke and be in the running to win $50 cash monies!

*Include your first name and email address in the email subject line when sending your vid
*Your video must have been filmed in the gallery within the designated 'Stage Space'
*Your video, obviously, must be your own
*The exhibition is open Weds to Sats 12-6pm from Friday 10th April - Saturday 2nd May
*You are welcome to come along to the opening on Friday 10th 6-8pm
*If uploading and tagging etc for Insta, please make sure you are public or otherwise direct post your photo to @olivercloke

or check out the artshub advert

oliver cloke