Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Kings Artist Run initiative 10 APRIL – 2 MAY 2015 Opening: Friday 10 April, 6 – 8pm



10 APRIL – 2 MAY 2015 Opening: Friday 10 April, 6 – 8pm


Play’s the thing



Roll up, roll up, welcome to the show about you!

Welcome to the wonderful world of play making. This show permits a space for writing, costume play and set design. Aiming to empower the participants through their engagement with the objects in the room. Encouraging interactions in new and unusual ways. As you decide your character, you decide the part you play.  Maybe you will find something out about yourself or your fellow visitor when they put on a disguise!

What you can play with:

Costumes of various kinds
A script-making desk with photocopier
A prop and set design studio
A theatre space for play

Who can you play with:


The gallery leaves room for play, a setting out of ideas, an understanding of what is possible, and the freedom to choose what you do.

Recent works focus upon distinct themes regarding language, communication and play. What is of major interest is the disparity of languages; the problems, things unsaid, etymology, miscommunications and multiple interpretations. Paper plays a strong role, as a modus for communication, as a tactile surface for the capturing of ideas as well as its’ own nature as a malleable ‘space’.

oliver cloke